Afro Life Petro's Kitchen

We are One-of-a-kind Authentic African Bar and Restaurant with variety of local and continental tasty and exotic dishes and drinks served in unique Mzansi style. 

As African, any ceremony that involves good food, it is also involves good music. We understand that and consider ourselves the hub of African culture with authentic food as the core. We also believe that for culture to prosper, it has to be shared. We hosts African cultural events including live music, drumming, dancing, story-telling, poetry craft, fashion shows and more.

At Afro Life Petro's Kitchen, We eat, drink and party in truly African way, Join us today! Official home of African cuisine and bar, local craft beer, Braai like a local, live band, live music and much more. 

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Best African food in Cape Town

If you are away from home and feeling homesick for your favorite foods. If you are an international student or expat from a different part of Africa, you often get that mighty craving for the foods of your homeland. One of the best homesickness cures is to sit down for some food from your childhood or simply some favorite food from home in a friendly and safe environment. Afro Life Petro's Kitchen is the solution for you. With a tailed menu of favorite foods that cure the feeling homesick.Grandma secret recipe turns to be a perfect remedy and reconnect you with home and bring back all good memories later dinner in family. 

Afro Life Petro's Kitchen Specialty

We are specialized in African Indigenous cookery . Being a native of Africa, we understand, in many ways, the daily food of African families can be traced to the indigenous foods that their ancestors ate. A typical meal in a Bantu-speaking household is a stiff, fluffy porridge of maize meal called pap, with a flavorful stewed meat gravy or grilled meat over an open fire. 

We are the official home of African Bar and Cuisine 

You will enjoy

Shisanyama, Mutton Tripe, Beef/Lamb Stew, Hardbody Chicken, Beef or Pork Trotters, Mopane Worms, Chicken Feet , and much more

Your Starches

Steamed Bread, Samp, Pap, Fragrant Rice

Your Sides

Chakalaka, Spinach, Butternut, Atchar

Afro Friends
Hardbody Chicken
Mutton Tripe
Beef Stew
Chicken Feet
Smiley Skopo
Grilled Steak
Braai Platter
Pork Ribs
Quarter Chicken
Half Chicken
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Delicious Food

We have the best and authentic African food around and an atmosphere to match. Our ingredients are fresh, using Grandma's recipes. Try us today and you won't be disappointed.

Party And Event

We offer dedicated space for all occasions. Whether it is a birthday party, a wedding reception or a "just because" celebration. 

Home Delivery

Order now our food online every day 11 AM to 10 PM using our reliable partners apps ( UberEats, Mr D Food And Bolt Food) For long distance, call or WhatsApp us on 0672721964


Excellent restaurant, service customer, food, ambient, everything very good. I really recommend to any one! Good price!!!      

Allan C Customer

I was looking for places to take my Girlfriend to so that I can introduce her to the type of food that we're accustomed to, best decision ever and the staff is friendly and amazing.                                                                                             

Peace M Customer

Best quality of authentic Xhosa food I’ve ever had at a restaurant. Literally no exaggeration whatsoever, it honestly felt like home cooking, and their braai options are also outstanding, the prices are cheap too!  ...

EShenxane Customer